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With geekApps you will get a high-end professional, no-code Application builder for free!
Sell ready-made Applications on YOUR conditions.

What we offer

PWA based on Flutter

Training & Tech support

No Hidden fees & easy to start

Native IOS & Android App

How does it works?


First fill out the form


Wait until the geekApps
manager contacts you


Next you will get access to
unlimited application creation


Sell your applications at the
price you think is appropriate


We help with the launch of
applications, for fee.


What is your interest?

First of all, you will start doing business on your own and earn money steadily. You will be able to sell ready-made applications on your own conditions, geekApps will not charge you any commissions! Just imagine the impact you will have by selling ready-made applications to save small businesses. Don't delay!

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